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Traditional banking systems have often been plagued with problems after problems. From a slow service to a lack of access to certain privileges, searching for a solution has constantly eluded many. However, we now have the answers at our fingertips. Thanks to a team of banking experts and digital marketing strategists, you can bank on us to have better control of your finances. Welcome to the digital age. Find out more.

BanksOfSingapore.com is an independent web project focused on the banking and financial institutions in Singapore. Our digital marketing platform was founded in 2020 by our team leaders in the banking and digital marketing spheres in response to the growing need for a better banking system worldwide.

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  • We provide complete and up-to-date information about banks in Singapore, including bank business profiles, branch locations, contact details (such as telephone number, fax, or email address), bank opening hours, and SWIFT/BIC codes.
  • Current information: We provide our customers with the latest information in the financial system in real-time. As a visitor, you will be the first to know about any changes in banking systems or procedures.
  • Led by a team of industry experts: Rest assured that you will get the best services because our team is made of experts with extensive experience in banking, finance, and digital marketing strategy.

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Singapore – is one of the largest and fastest growing financial centres in Asia.

Currently in the Singaporean market operates more than a hundred retail banks, around fifty commercial banks and forty-five foreign bank branches. Singapore's financial market is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

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