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Singapore is becoming more attractive

Singapore is becoming more attractiveSingapore expects an economic boom in Southeast Asia by attracting investment, as at the same the government takes measures to reduce foreign labor, increases costs for salaries and companies increasingly difficult to fill vacancies. Read more »

Singapore economy and features of the tax system

Singapore economy and features of the tax systemAccording to a study conducted by CNN Time Warner Group, Singapore is ranked 5th in the world in terms of friendliness to small businesses with only New Zealand, USA, Canada, and Australia ahead. The study took into account such factors as the time to start a business, laws, tax policies, the terms of business activity, etc. Read more »

A quick overview of Singapore economy

A quick overview of Singapore economyThe favorable investment climate, competitive environment, the leading places in the rankings of economic freedom, a highly educated and disciplined population, strongly raised the level of well-being – all this allows classifying Singapore as East Asian “tigers”. Read more »